What to do in Madeira Island:

Madeira Island Tours and Excursions

The best way to discover and explore Madeira Island is with excursions through the island. We will take you to see the breathtaking and dramatic beauty of Madeira Island. Our tours are done with local guides that speak your language and organized in small groups to make it more personal and private. Our mini-buses are equipped with air-conditioning and can comfortably take 8 to 16 people. Discover Madeira tradition, culture and its friendly people, find the best places, viewpoints and cities with our excursion tours.


Madeira Island Walks and Levadas

Madeira Island Walks and Levadas are perfect for anyone that loves hiking and one of the best ways to explore the island. Levada Walks will take you to the heart of Laurissilva Forest, far from civilization, where you will enjoy nature in its prime. We have a large variety of levadas and walks to choose from, with certified and licensed tour guides that speak most european languages. The levadas are a network of more than 1400km of irrigation channels that connect and bring water to most of the south areas of Madeira Island.


Madeira Island Land and Sea Activities

Madeira Island Sea Activites vary from Whale and Dolphin Watching, Swimming with Dolphins, Trip to Desertas Island, Kayak tours and much more. With a sea rich in biodiversity and crystal clear waters, it’s a must for any visitors. Madeira Island also has great Land Activities such as the adrenaline filled canyoning in Madeira, going offroad to unaccessible places in 4×4 jeep safari tours, mountain bike and much more.



Discover the best levadas in Madeira. Our focus is to provide the best tours, walks and activities in Madeira for the best available price!

If you are planning to travel to Madeira Island, do not forget to browse our website. Here you will be able to find the best tailored tours that will take you to discover the most famous cornerstons in the island, as well as the unknown hidden treasures that only a few can show to you. We have also prepared for you a selection of walks that will take you on a mini-adventure throughout Madeira’s UNESCO Lauressilva Forest. These walks, pass through a network of Levadas that make up for a total of 1400 km’s(!) all around the island.

We also provide other outdoor activities that we are quite sure that will meet your needs. Catamaran trips to find Whales and Dolphins, Boat trips to Desertas Islands or our neighbour island: Porto Santo. Jeep Safaris that will surely take you to places that hardly many have visited. Canyoning, a ‘home-grown’ activity that consists on climbing down our rivets while doing rappel, climging and jumps. Scuba diving in crystal clear waters. Well, there’s much more for you to find, just come and a have look in our website.


Known as the hidden Pearl of the Atlantic, Madeira has a wide variety of landscapes and scenarios to offer. Make sure to bring your camera with you on your visit!



No request is too big or too small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us make your trip perfect.